AXP Energy Formula - Get a competitive edge with guarana


AXP Energy Formula is a HASTA tested and plant-based blend of 12 organic wholefoods and botanical ingredients that promote natural energy production and mental alertness. Guarana is one of the many ingredients that gives this formulation its kick.

Paullina cupana, commonly called guarana, is native to the Amazon in South America and the seeds derived from this small red berry contain caffeine alongside several other bioactive constituents which are thought to improve cognitive performance and mental alertness, including flavonoids, saponins and tannins.

This unique combination of bioactive constituents affords guarana with an ability to promote sustained energy production, and avoids the eventual crash often observed after simple caffeine supplementation.

There is a growing interest in guarana’s ability to improve sports performance due to its sustained stimulatory effects and its ability to enhance cognitive function.



Sport demands as much of the mind as it does the body. It often asks an individual to make quick decisions and make quicker movements based on those decisions, creating a physical and mental load that demands a lot of energy and concentration.

Physical and mental fatigue are two barriers which must be overcome in order to maintain optimal sports performance. Being able to enhance cognitive performance can make decision making quicker, and make the physical demands feel easier.



Guarana has been traditionally brewed into an energy drink for thousands of years, and its value has stood the test of time. More recently, clinical studies have investigated its impact on sports performance and the benefits guarana has to offer elite athletes.

For example, a guarana drink was able to improve information processing times in high level modern pentathlon athletes during exercise as well as reduce perceived exertion.

Information processing times refers to the time it takes to observe and understand the environment around you, and make decisions based on that. On a football field, this quicker processing time might allow you to quickly step left and avoid being tackled. On the soccer field, it might be that little bit of extra time you need to kick a goal before the goalkeeper has the chance to move. The ability to improve information processing times is crucial in sports where quick decision making can be the difference between winning and losing.

Perceived exertion refers to how hard or strenuous something feels. The ability for guarana to reduce perceived exertion during exercise means that athletes were able to achieve the same result and produce the same amount of power with less effort, suggesting that they had greater levels of energy and strength.

Guarana’s stimulatory effects are perfectly suited for the demands of sport. With its ability to improve decision making and make physical taks feel easier, guarana will leave you feeling energised, focused, and alert.



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AXP Energy Formula - Get a competitive edge with guarana