Introducing AXP™

Activated x Performance was born out of cutting edge clinical research into performance and recovery, and our team is driven to deliver a competitive edge to athletes and anyone dedicated to fitness.

With products that combine organic plant-based nutrition with the power of the microbiome, our range supercharges workouts and transforms the way you train using a three step approach:
  1. Energise and intensify with AXP Energy Formula
  2. Rebuild and strengthen with AXP Power Protein
  3. Recharge and repeat with our world first clinically proven AXP Recovery Probiotic.

AXP is made up of a team of industry experts with specialist knowledge on precision probiotics and plant-based nutrition who have together created two other highly successful brands over the past 7 years: Activated Nutrients and Activated Probiotics.

Our chief scientific officer, Dr. Jaroslav Boublik, is a world leading plant-based nutrition expert with a PhD in medicine. Dr JB has previously advised Olympic athletes on performance-based nutrition, and brings his decades of experience into the creation of an athlete-focused range of sports performance supplements.

We understand the needs of athletes because we work closely with them, and that’s why every batch of our products is independently tested by HASTA for WADA banned substances. HASTA is the largest independent sports supplement drug testing specialist in Australia, and has certified our entire range: every batch of our products has passed their comprehensive drug testing screen of over 200 WADA banned substances.

Working closely with key Australian athletes, our team of nutrition scientists have created a range of high quality, plant-based sports performance supplements that are designed to help the human body meet the enormous physical and mental demands of high-level training and competition.
Introducing AXP™