The importance of HASTA testing to AXP™

Finding high quality sports performance supplements that are suitable for use by competing athletes can be challenging in today’s market.

That’s why AXP delivers sports supplements that are backed by scientific evidence and why every batch is tested by HASTA for over 200 WADA banned substances. 

Who is HASTA?

HASTA is the largest independent sports supplement drug testing specialist in Australia, providing testing and certification of sports supplements for professional athletes.

HASTA’s advanced analytical equipment delivers state-of-the-art drug testing services, using high-resolution mass spectrometry that is able to detect hundreds of different WADA banned substances in a single sample with incredible sensitivity. Their services meet the world’s best practice and quality standards.

All of our products are HASTA tested. This means that each batch of every product has passed their comprehensive drug testing screen of over 200 WADA banned substances and our manufacturing quality controls have been verified.

We do this to reassure competing athletes that every batch has been tested for inadvertent contamination with banned substances for greater peace of mind and confidence when taking our product.

AXP’s range of high quality, plant-based sports performance supplements offers a solution to athletes looking to help meet the enormous physical and mental demands of high-level training and competition.

The AXP range

AXP Recovery Probiotic™ is a unique, world first, clinically proven recovery probiotic. It contains a combination of two probiotic strains clinically proven to reduce mild muscle inflammation and improve muscle recovery time after exercise.

Our flagship product, AXP Recovery Probiotic, is a HASTA™ Certified product that is clinically proven to reduce mild muscle inflammation and improve measures of back-to-back physical performance. AXP Recovery Probiotic was designed to optimise exercise recovery and reduce the overuse of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications by athletes, many of whom suffer from gastric upset as a result.

AXP Energy Formula and AXP Power Protein are our HASTA™ tested, certified organic and 100% plant-based products that help to promote natural energy production to get the most out of your training and competition, and support the growth and repair of muscle tissue following exercise.

Understanding the needs of athletes

We understand the needs of athletes because we work closely with them, and that’s why every batch of our products are independently tested by HASTA for WADA banned substances. 

The importance of HASTA testing to AXP™