Is AXP™ used by professional athletes?

Yes, our brand was created specifically to support professional athletes with intense training and competition schedules, and our products are used by players in the AFL, the NBA and more.

Are your products independently tested for WADA banned substances?

Yes, all of our products are HASTA Certified. 

This means that each batch of every product has passed HASTA’s comprehensive drug testing screen of over 200 WADA banned substances and our manufacturing quality controls have been verified. 

HASTA is recognised by Sports Integrity Australia (previously ASADA), and you can double check the batch number of your product on their website and the ASADA Clean Sport App.

What products are clinically proven, and what does that mean?

AXP™ Recovery Probiotc is a clinically proven product. This means that our complete product (not just certain ingredients) was put through a clinical trial; you’re taking the exact same product as the participants who experienced improvements in muscle inflammation and recovery time in the clinical trial.

Are your products certified organic?

Yes, our two wholefood plant-based products, AXP Power Protein and AXP Energy Formula, are ACO certified organic.

Are your products vegan?

Yes, all three of our products are completely vegan and certified by Vegan Australia.

Are your products gluten free?

Yes, all of our products are gluten free.

Are your products free from common allergens?

All of our products are free from:

Wheat and gluten

Recovery Probiotic Product

How does AXP™ Recovery Probiotic work inside my body to help me recover?

AXP™ Recovery Probiotic contains specific beneficial bacteria which interact with immune cells in the gut, helping to reduce the amount of inflammation created by immune cells in muscle tissue.

This keeps muscle inflammation under control. When muscle inflammation is kept in check, you experience improved muscle recovery time. It’s like preventing fires from getting out of control so that you can reduce the damage they create.

How long do I need to take AXP™ Recovery Probiotic for it to take effect?

Scientific data shows that the beneficial bacteria in AXP™ Recovery Probiotic get to work behind the scenes to steadily reduce muscle inflammation over a period of 3 weeks (21 days).

Do I need to take AXP™ Recovery Probiotic everyday?

Yes, consistency is key. Taking AXP™ Recovery Probiotic every day, rather than taking a higher dose when you feel symptoms, helps to regulate the immune system, reduce muscle inflammation and improve muscle recovery time.

Do I need to store it in the fridge?

Nope, our advanced probiotic technology guarantees that it’s shelf-stable and completely fridge free. What technology? Freeze-dried, microencapsulated probiotics stored in pharmaceutical-grade blister packs. That’s how we guarantee our products will contain the amount of live probiotic bacteria stated on the label for two whole years.

Why is AXP™ Recovery Probiotic different to other probiotics?

It’s a clinically proven probiotic product. This means our complete probiotic product has been put through a clinical trial examining its effect on muscle recovery. The specific probiotic strains in our product have the ability to reduce mild muscle inflammation, and improve muscle recovery time. Other probiotics with general probiotic strains can’t say the same. 

Plus, our probiotics are microencapsulated, meaning 5x more bacteria survive transit through the stomach and reach the gut alive compared to uncoated probiotics.

What is the difference between a probiotic and a prebiotic?

Probiotics are living beneficial microorganisms, such as bacteria, which work inside the gut to improve our health. 

Prebiotics are fibres found in plant foods that, when ingested, will feed probiotic bacteria living in our guts. It’s like the fertiliser for probiotics, helping them to stay alive and do their job.

Does AXP™ Recovery Probiotic have any side effects?

Probiotics have a high safety profile, and there are no known side effects when taking our AXP™ Recovery Probiotics

Can I take AXP™ Recovery Probiotic alongside non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen?

Yes you can, there are no known interactions.